Mission Statement of subordinate Temple No. 43 MSTA.
Moorish Science Temple of America subordinate Temple No.43 is a lawfully warranted/chartered Temple according to Act 1 additional laws and has been functioning in the County of Los Angeles and state of California since 2011, Secretary of State of California has been duly noticed to this fact as of June 5th 2015, PS From 3811 # 7015 0640 0000 2664 0443 in due form of a good faith letter and Articles of Incorporation pursuant to 805 LCS 110/46a-46k ch.36, but not limited to. In connection with our hopes aims, rules and articles of religion, I deem it proper to simit to you a brief statement in good faith of our organization without prejudice and without recourse, covering its rise and progress, our mission and status, which I hope will be satisfactory to you. I also hope it will be the means of causing you at all times to adhere to the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice in your relations with mankind in general.
That, I further, most anxiously hope this brief statement of facts will help you to more clearly see our duty and wisdom that we as a religious political community uphold at all times, those fundamental principles which are desired for our civilization and posterity, such as obedience to law, respect and loyalty to government, tolerance and unity. Therefore the Grand Sheik, Sheiks, Head Officials and Members of the said subordinate Temple hereinafter ‘We/we’; we have no affiliation what so-ever with any kind of combative, belligerent or terrorist groups domestic or foreign, we are non-combative, non-belligerent, we are neutral also we have no affiliation with any kind of sovereign citizen, group(s) but not limited to;
We organized as The Moorish Temple of Science in the year of 1925, and where legally incorporated as a civic organization under the laws of the state of Illinois, November 29th 1926. The name Moorish Temple of Science changed to the Moorish Science Temple of America, May 1928, in accordance with the legal requirements of the Secretary of state of Illinois. The RCA (Religious Corporation Act of 1871) provides that “[a]ny church, congregation or society formed for the purpose of religious worship, may become incorporated” in the manner specified in the Act 805 ILCS 110/35, Ch. 32 and their subordinate bodies may become incorporated in like manner under the head organization 805 ILCS 110/46a-46k Ch. 36; supra said Branch Temple No. 43 became incorporated in like manner in 2014. Some states and attorneys are simply not aware that the RCA is a legal alternative to the NFPCA.

We teach nationality and Divine Creed according to Law, all members must practice according to law; study and Know Thy Self and Allah. Man knows not by being told; therefore every member must show and prove thy self to be true to the laws of the said government. New members must gain and understanding of the laws that govern them and family. In the Divine plan of the Ages our Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali and Founder of the Moorish Science Temple of America He has given us the means to dispel any forms of Mental Slavery caused from a European psychology. We shall teach from the Divine Instructions for the fallen sons and daughters of the Asiatics of North America, so as to give you instructions on how to Love and stop the hate and destruction of one’s self and family and community, teaching those things necessary to make men and woman a better citizens. In a nut shell we re-introduce to you your Divine Creed or way of life Islamism.
NOTICE: We are not a rouge Temple nor will we tolerate any one trying to make us such. Thing we do not teach:

  •  Sovereignty
  •  Black nationalism
  •  Gangsterism mentality
  •  Or anything out side of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s corpus.

We keep the Prophet Noble Drew Ali out in front, we do not do our own-thing, and we as a Temple follow the Prophets holy and divine plan for all Temples within His Empire. We have a Home Office and Supreme Grand Sheik the first SGS E. Mealy El who was appointed by the prophet himself and groomed by our Divine prophet Noble Drew Ali the SUPREME GRAND CHAIRMAN,  Bro. MR C. Jones Bey is our General Chairman.There are Laws, Rules, Regulations (Orders), establish by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali that we all must follow and OBEY, there are no acceptations. There is Oder and Divine Oder in the Temple there fore it shall and must be Divine Oder and Order in all subordinate Temples formed according to law.

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